Teach The Nation

Thank you for your interest in teaching the nation with Isizwe. We cannot think of any cause more worthy than this one.

Teaching the Nation - why do it? Because with a booming youth population, our nation has an opportunity like no other!

It is not beyond our power to create a world in which all
children have access to a good education.
~ Nelson Mandela
In a nation with over 30% unemployment, and a population boom in Africa, we have reached the time where youth education is more important than ever. Isizwe is a company who brings WiFi to all rural and low-income communities in South Africa, and we wish to use this internet access to help empower our nation by offering various skill-development opportunities. This is where we need you. 

If you are a thought leader or professional at your craft, and you wish to share your story and help others achieve your success, then you are perfect. Our team will work with you to create beautiful online courses with multiple lessons within. It is then our job to distribute your course to the nation. Ready? Let's do it!

Who We've Worked With

Meet the people who never hesitated, never doubted, never said never. The people who want nothing more than to help empower all South Africans!

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