What to keep in mind when job-hunting abroad

As a South African citizen, you already know what you should and shouldn’t include in your CV when applying for your dream job. You’ve probably also attended quite a few interviews, which means that you’re clued up in that department as well.


But what rules come into play when it comes to countries outside of SA? With a basic understanding of the local job market under your belt, you’ll already have one foot in the door and a better opportunity of landing that awesome job abroad.


We got in touch with our other Adzuna teams across the globe, and apparently, jobseeking culture is anything but a cookie cutter recipe. Take a look at some of the job hunting tips they sent over our way!


When applying for a job in Germany, you’ll have to include a headshot to your CV. Even though you have to go out of your way to grab the employer’s attention, they won’t always show the same openness. Very few German jobs are advertised with their average salaries.


Here in sunny SA, we don’t have to pay in order to apply for jobs, unless we work through recruitment agencies. In Brazil, paying for what you want is stock standard. Job hunters looking to apply for their dream jobs in Brazil need to pay in order to register with job aggregators that list vacancies online.


Most of us assume that we’re entitled to roughly 20 days of paid leave per year, but that might be a luxury you’ll miss if you live and work in the States. In most cases, jobs in the USA that don’t come with clear mentions of paid leave, don’t offer paid leave at all. Also, you won’t get to take nearly as many family breaks as you can here in SA. The average American job comes with just 10 days of paid leave per year, if any.


English might not seem like the official language of the Dutch, but it’s actually preferred when it comes to landing your dream job. Instead of spending hours translating your CV so that you can submit a resume in English AND Dutch, just skip the latter and stick to plain old English. More than 10% of all job vacancies in the Netherlands are English, so if you’re proficient in English, you’re probably good to go.


In Italy, it’s common for the best-paying jobs to come with perks that include four (or two) wheels. The top jobs in the land of pizza and pasta generally include company cars or scooters as part of the deal. Owning a scooter or car is also how other employees can tell whether someone is a junior or mid-level employee.


If you’re keen on the idea of landing a job in China, you’ll be pleased to know that its job-seeking process is one of the fastest in the world. According to Chinese Language School LTL Shanghai, the process can go from ad to first day in merely four days, especially in China and Shanghai.

SA – still need help?

If finding the perfect job in SA still seems like a never-ending story to you, we’ve got all the right kind of resources to give you a helping hand. Start by ensuring your CV will stand out from the crowd and then start researching the average salaries for the job you have in mind, just to give you an idea of what pay you can expect. Once you’ve landed an interesting interview, check out our tips and tricks on how to ace an interview and make sure you sell yourself for all you’re worth!


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