Weird job titles that actually pay very well

Here at Adzuna, we come across the most amazing and the weirdest job titles in the world. As 2018 starts slowly drawing to a close, we thought it would be fun to share some of the bizarre jobs we’ve seen on our radars this year. Thought you had an odd job? Check out what some other people get themselves into just to bring home the bacon!


A roundup of the weirdest job titles in 2018


It might sound foreign, but there are plenty of phlebotomist jobs available in SA. These professionals draw blood from patients for medical or clinical testing, research, transfusions and more. Generally, phlebotomists collect blood samples with the venipuncture technique after which they transport the samples in vials for testing.

Available jobs: 21

Average salary: R295,951 per year


Python Developer

No, this job has nothing to do with snakes. It’s actually a role for a system created by a former Google employee, Guido Rossum. Python is a computer programming design that focuses on code readability and a less complicated syntax that allows programmers to get their jobs done with much less code.

Available jobs: 438

Average salary: R469,157 per year


Ruby Developer

As a dynamic, open source programming language, Ruby is being used to help simplify the world of coding and make computer systems more productive. Ruby developers are tasked with designing, developing and implementing new features of online platforms or web applications.

Available jobs: 93

Average salary: R510,027 per year



Although this one is pretty self-explanatory, most of you probably never thought companies would pay to employ their own hackers! But if you’ve ever seen House of Cards, you know that any bad guy can be swayed in the right direction. It’s good to know that most hackers work in the security industry, and the pay for ethical hackers is really great too!

Available jobs: 19

Average salary: R663,750 per year


Elevator Inspector / Technician

Elevator inspector and technician jobs might sound rare, but it’s actually a sought-after skill. And unless you’ve ever been stuck in an elevator, you probably never thought much about the people behind the operation of lifts. These guys ensure that it’s safe to skip the stairs and take the lift instead.

Available jobs: 130

Average salary: R580,044 per year


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