THIS is how much SA celebs are worth

SA celebs, with their glamorous lifestyles, have always been a source of envy, often earning small fortunes from their jobs that started as mere hobbies. Judging from a year’s gross earnings, South Africa’s five highest-paid celebrities are worth anything between R16 million and a whopping R208 million! Green around the cheeks yet? Let’s take a look at who is worth the most when it comes to SA celebs!

Top-earning South African Celebrities

5. Natalie Becker

With her deep love for the country’s film industry, Natalie Becker started her career as a radio host at FM Good Hope. She was first spotted in the film “The Deal” and appeared in other big hits like “The Scorpion Kind and “Disgrace”. With a cool net worth estimated at R16 million, Becker is no longer on her way to the top; she’s already there.

4. Jolene Martin

As an anchor, TV personality, MC and businesswoman, Jolene Martin is probably best known as the former host of the SA Powerball game. After starting her career at the age of 17, Martin worked her way up the ranks to become worth an estimated R18 million in 2018.

3. Jamie Bartlett

Coming in with a net worth of around 152 million, Jamie Bartlett is probably best known for his role of David Genaro in “Rhythm City”. But this actor is so much cooler than the wicket puppet master he brought to life in millions of homes across the African continent. Bartlett also starred in movies like “American Ninja”, which further improved his rankings when it came to the top paid celebs of SA.

4. Trevor Noah

Funnyman Trevor Noah is the second richest South African celebrity, with an estimated R192 million net worth. Not only is Noah a comedian, but he is also a writer, producer and media critic. Before moving to the United States in 2011 as a television host, he hosted shows in SA for eight years.

5. Sharlto Copley

Actor, director and producer Sharlto Copley is probably known as “Wikus” in most South African homes for the role he played in the hit movie “District 9”. At the moment, he is the richest South African celebrity (because we didn’t include SA-born Charlize Theron). With an estimated net worth of R208 million, we couldn’t be prouder of a born-and-bred celeb than we are of Sharlto.

Acting, not your scene?

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