The best paying geek jobs in South Africa

From Bill Gates to The Big Bang Theory, geeks and their culture have pretty much taken over the world in the past few years. Unlike way back when up to 87% of adults are now proudly embracing their inner nerds.

If you thought the G word was confined to tech jobs, you’re sorely mistaken. If you’ve got a passion for anything from music to video games, you’re just as big of a geek as the most rugged IT guy you know!  Here are some career opportunities that’ll let your inner geek come alive.


Five potential careers for geeks

1. Games Tester

Although it sounds like nothing more than playing your favourite games all day long, games testers are actually integral players in the product development process. These guys have attention to detail that’ll blow you out of the field. After all, they are the ones that play the same level for days on end, testing our every eventuality to ensure all bugs are dealt with before the game releases.


2. Astronaut

This has to be one of the ultimate geek jobs. Geeks across the world, including Neil Armstrong, are thrust into the spotlight as astronauts. Even if you don’t fancy the idea of being blasted into space in a small capsule, there are other options. Positions in engineering and rocket testing, as well as systems analysis, are opening up all the time at NASA and Elon Musk’s Space X. We’d say this is a savvy career path where geeks are always high in demand.


3. Comic Book Illustrator

If you’re always doodling and are secretly (or unashamedly) obsessed with all things comics, you could be the next big illustrator. As an illustrator, you’ll be tasked with drawing everything from a single scene up to a whole story. To master the art, you’ll need some digital and traditional skills, but with the upsurge of new comics recently, the prospects for this career are great.

4. Software developer

This job practically screams geek. As a software developer, you’ll be providing strategic thinking that goes into the design, installation, testing, and maintenance of software systems. If you’ve got a big brain and laser focus on efficiency, this could be the perfect gig for your geeky skills.


5. Professor

If you’re more of an academic kind of geek and you’ve got a bunch of passion for teaching others, why not consider a career as a professor? You’ll need a three or four ear undergraduate degree and a one year master’s degree. You also need a three-year full-time PhD. So you’ll be working (and studying) as a teacher that does marking and pastoral work. It’s an in-job learning experience really.


Looking for more geeky jobs? Head over to right now and let your fingers find your dream gig!


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