Love the outdoors? Here are three of the best job opportunities for you!

While some folks are perfectly happy to work office jobs in the concrete jungle, there are some who just have to be outside in order to really feel alive. They need the sun, some fresh air, and as many natural elements as possible in order to thrive.

So here at Adzuna, we did some digging and came up with three of the best jobs for nature lovers. Check them out…


Top jobs for outdoorsy people

1. Landscaper

Landscapers and gardeners are responsible for cultivating and growing all and any kinds of plants. They also maintain green spaces like parks, gardens, sports grounds, and schools. If this is your passion, you’ll need to have an existing outdoors lifestyle or be willing to convert to one. If you have an eye for detail and you’re pretty creative, it’ll help you plan and maintain gardens that spark interest and ensure enjoyment throughout the year.

As far as entry routes into this position go, there’s nothing hard and fast. You’ll need gardening skills, a basic knowledge, and of course some experience. Perhaps an apprenticeship will help you pave your way to success in this role!


Average Salary – R534,921 per year

Jobs Available – 443


2. Surveyor

From housing projects to commercial buildings, roads and transport routes to agricultural projects, you’ll be providing professional advice in construction and landscaping issues if you choose to work as a surveyor. This job won’t always see you exclusively working in the great outdoors, but the opportunities for it are plenty in this highly skilled role.

Surveyors are required in the design and development of new buildings and transport links, and they also help out with the restoration and maintenance of existing buildings and infrastructure. It’s a job that sees huge variety on a daily basis, with opportunities to work on large structures and smaller projects.


Average Salary – R508,995 per year

Jobs Available – 398


3. Environmental Scientist

As an environmental scientist, you’ll be responsible for conducting research that helps identify, decrease the harmful effects of, or eliminate pollutants and hazards to the environment or the health of the earth’s population.

Your role will be centred on the idea of protecting the environment, which means you’ll be spending plenty of time outdoors. You’ll need to have a degree in environmental science if you plan on entering this field, but a degree in the fields of biology, engineering, chemistry or physics might also land you an entry-level job in environmental science.


Average Salary – R502,543 per year

Jobs Available – 24


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