Jobs of the future – A roundup of the best

We live in a time of change (no pun intended with the New Year!) When it comes to the growth of tech, there are exponential changes. Not only has the amount of tech we’ve seen in the last few years surpassed our expectations but so has the temp of its growth. Yes, it’s a great time to be alive, but with all this growth, the future of jobs is also constantly shifting and changing.


Within the next 12 years, one-third of all employees across the world might have to change their professions since their current jobs will be replaced by A.I. After considering the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report and findings from MONEY, here’s a quick look at which jobs will probably survive the age of A.I.


Best careers for the future

Architects and Engineers

The need for architects and engineers is already high, but the demand for these skills definitely isn’t going to simmer down any time soon. From powering planes to driving space exploration, these professionals are the masterminds behind most modern tech marvels. The World Economic Forum says that Biochemical, Nanotechnology and Robotics will take the lead in the future, which gives you a better idea of what area to specialize in.


Data Analysts

As a species, human generate and work with billions of tons of data. According to an IDC study, every person in the world will generate roughly 1.7 megabytes of new data every second of the day by the year 2020. And that’s a LOT of data to process and analyse. The more data there is, the more job opportunities it creates. In the future, it’ll take a team of data analysts to make sense of and analyse the torrent of data out there. In the future, a good data analyst will be just as essential to the Information Age as a gold prospector was during the years of the Great Gold Rush.


App Developers

You can just take a glance at your phone if you’re second-guessing this one. Mobile tech has skyrocketed, and so has the demand for proficient app developers which ensure that smartphones are capable of doing what the world needs them to do. If you’re not too keen on the idea of developing apps for mobile, you can always consider becoming a systems software developer, where you’ll be creating the operating software for computers and smartphones.


Professionals in the STEM sector

If you’re employed in the Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics sector, you’ve already got your foot in the door to survive A.I. the nerds of the nations will be in super high demand in the future as they’ll continue to form and maintain the backbone of innovation and industry. Particularly the programmers, developers, and IT security guys will be bringing home seriously good bacon in about 20 years from now. According to Bill Gates, he’d drop out of college and work in one of three promising fields: Artificial Intelligence, Energy, or Biotechnology. If that’s anything to go by, perhaps you should consider something along those lines to future-proof your career.


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