Industry 4.0: Robots are coming for these jobs

Brace yourself for Industry 4.0! According to new data released by Adzuna, there are more than 70,000 jobs currently being advertised which are at very high risk of being obsolete by 2035. With the rise in automated software for key tasks becoming more and more of a reality, it appears that jobs within the finance industry are most at risk of being lost to the age of automation.

After analysing more than 140,000 job vacancies across South Africa, it looks like almost 35% of jobs currently being advertised are for roles that will likely become automated within 15 years. Vacancies on offer were compared to jobs mentioned in an Oxford University study.


Jobs at risk of automation

One of the roles that are undeniably at risk is that of an accountant. Adzuna currently lists 7,461 vacancies for accountants, which is a big concern considering the emerging software that’s changing the shape of employer needs as you’re reading this article.

Also at risk are bookkeepers and auditing clerks. Occupations that require more human input have a lower probability of becoming automated, but the ones that involve machine-like activities such as production, administration, construction, mining, transportation, and maintenance are at highest risk.

In short: the more predictable and repetitive the activities of a role are, the more likely it is to be replicated by machines. Teaching, programming, advising, and negotiating skills are likely to always be high in demand, so those jobs are safe. For now.


Where will machines take over first?

Out of South Africa’s main provinces, Gauteng was revealed to have the highest proportion of advertised jobs at risk of automation, with 31% of all jobs advertised in the province failing to be fully future-proof. The Western Cape followed in second place, with 28% of vacancies prone to computerization.

On the flip side of the scale, workers in the North West and the Northern Cape are more likely to find future-proof job ads, with the lowest proportion of vacancies being for roles at high risk of automation.

Are there any jobs that are future-proof?

It seems like roles in teaching, social work, IT and nursing aren’t likely to become automated within the next 15 years.

Right now, the only thing we know is that Industry 4.0 will change the way everyone works. Remember when everyone thought that the development of computers would replace every single job out there? Although it didn’t, it definitely changed the face of the workforce. And that’s the same effect we’re likely to see when automation enters the workforce.

The jobs that might be future-proof are the ones that call for high levels of empathy and human interaction and the jobs that directly related to the development of new tech.


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