Deciphering the jobs of coding (and what they really pay!)

Coding makes just about everything possible. From the creation of satellite tech in space to the setup of life-saving diagnostic equipment, and even those selfies everyone posts on Facebook! It’s a great career choice with an abundance of opportunities, plus it offers a decent average pay of around R450,000 per year. Here’s a quick look at what coding jobs can help you bring home the best kind of bacon in the business!


Top-paying jobs in coding

PHP Programmer

PHP is a programming language that’s easy for even novices to use. As a PHP developer or programmer, you’ll be designing just about any type of website and embedding HTML code to help support other major web servers.

Available jobs: 2,527

Average salary: R484,878 per year



Best known for its ability to enable a high level of interactivity in websites, JavaScript is a more advanced programming language. Should this be your jam, expect to build websites that feature a bunch of interaction and movements.

Available jobs: 4,404

Average salary: R514,814 per year



Ever since Java was released in 1996, it’s been hugely popular, and not just with the techies of the world. This widespread programming language works on an abundance of applications including computers and smartphones. Since most web applications and websites rely on Java integration, it’s a skill that will probably always be in demand.

Available jobs: 3,214

Average salary: R601,602 per year



Coders that work in SQL are in high demand from companies that work with complex data, lots of it too! SQL stands for Structured Query Language and happens to be one of the best-paying coding languages out there. Almost all tech devices these days are associated with SQL.

Available jobs: 4,600

Average salary: R544,533 per year



Reddit, NASA, and most of the world’s most read websites are set up with the Python programming language. This is one of the simplest coding languages and is used by coders as a base for moving on to more complex languages. Even though the language isn’t too hard to master, Python coders are highly sought after because they possess skills that’ll never go out of style.

Available jobs: 1,293

Average salary: R556,332 per year


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