Are you a number nerd? Here are some of the best jobs for you!

In today’s digital age, it really pays to have skills with numbers. Big data is on the rise. Trading algorithms are becoming more and more sophisticated by the day. The importance of accountancy standards and numerical abilities in the workplace has never been as essential. But what are the best jobs for number lovers? Read on to learn more about the best jobs for folks that are numerically inclined!


1. Trader

Traders specialise in facilitating the sale of stock, bonds, and other securities for individual or institutional clients. They have a good grasp of maths, are quick thinkers, and have excellent negotiating skills, which is what makes them thrive in their careers. Although the pressures of this role can be insane, the financial rewards might just be worth it all in the end.

Average Salary – R380,732 per year

Jobs Available– 150


2. Accountant

Responsible for preparing and managing financial reports, an accountant has an important role within any business. The reports they compile are used by managers, industry groups and even governments to assist in their decision making. It can take anywhere between four and six years to become a chartered accountant, but most students in the field gain work experience thanks to apprentice jobs while completing their studies.

Average Salary – R464,775 per year

Jobs Available – 7,254


3. Insurance Underwriter

As an insurance underwriter, you’ll be analysing and assessing the potential risks involved in various projects. You’ll pass your assessments on to insurance companies, after which they make the decisions on whether or not to insure a project. To get your foot in the door here, you’ll need a strong mathematical background and an eye for detail.

Average Salary – R513,260 per year

Jobs Available – 120


4. Economist

Should you be interested in a career as an economist, you’ll be studying and analysing the effects of resources such as land, labour and capital on costs and society as a whole. You may work in various fields such as private entities and larger regulators such as the South African Reserve Bank. To be considered for this job, you’ll need a degree in economics and the ability to compete in this sought-after job market.

Average Salary – R559,300

Jobs Available – 18


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