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Social butterfly? Here are your ideal job matches!

If you’re the kind of person that loves spending time with other people and working in groups, a solitary office job just isn’t going to take you places. You see, extroverts derive energy from people instead of isolation, and as such, they thrive in situations that put them in the spotlight.

And although it might seem that communication jobs are their end all and be all, it’s not really all that true. We did some research and found a bunch of jobs ideal for social folks, or as we call them, extroverts!


Best jobs for socially-oriented people

1. Public Relations

The aim of the PR game is all about communication. As a public relations officer, you’ll be dealing with people on a daily basis, creating business relationships that last for years. You’ll often have to be the voice of the company you work for, representing your brand and addressing groups of people on a regular basis.

Average salary – R329,698 per year

Jobs available – 351


2. Teacher

Yes, you’ll need a lot of patience to be a great teacher, but you’ll also need great communication skills, an eye for detail, and the ability to multitask in a room full of loud kids. This might be your ideal job if you’re bursting with energy and enjoy working with kids.

Average salary – R302,923 per year

Jobs available – 981


3. Lawyer

Lawyers and attorneys have to address courtrooms and communicate facts to the best of their ability. The role requires you to have a lot of confidence, good communication skills, and the ability to thrive in challenging situations.

Average salary – R364,452

Jobs available – 104


4. Recruiter

Recruiters are what we refer to as the matchmakers in the business world. They work closely with companies to help them fill vacant positions with the best talent available. If you work as a recruitment consultant, you’ll be spending a lot of time interviewing candidates and meeting with clients and hiring managers.

Average salary – R448,018

Jobs available – 17,478


5. Event Planner

This is a job that definitely was not designed with introverts in mind. Event planners are organised, disciplined, and have no issues with delegating tasks. They collaborate with hospitality workers, clients, and event guests to orchestrate activities for events that will leave all those attending with great, lasting memories.

Average salary – R253,767

Jobs available – 163


6. Flight Attendant

Becoming part of the cabin crew can be a great career opportunity if you’re not afraid of being surrounded by a bunch of people 10,000 kilometres up in the sky! You’ll also need great interpersonal skills, the ability and genuine interest in helping others, and a positive demeanour to take on the job of a flight attendant.

Average salary – R448,549

Jobs available – 19


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